UNITWIN Programs


This program implements activities that can contribute towards the sustainable development of higher education capacity in developing countries.

1) Implementing higher education programs for universities and institutions in developing countries.

We implement high-quality higher education programs in developing countries, both online and offline, and promote the higher education capabilities of participants through joint research (thesis and journals, etc.), fora and academic conferences, and consulting programs with universities in developing countries.

2) Build and support education infrastructure

In order to ensure that higher education in developing countries is not interrupted even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we aim to improve the poor educational infrastructure by building and supporting basic infrastructure that enables online and offline education in developing countries.

3) Investigate new business needs and conclude business agreements.

Through consultations with higher education institutions in key partner countries of the Korean government, new business investigations and business agreements are concluded. Based on this, we carry out higher education projects in developing countries and strengthen partnerships with higher education institutions.

4) Hosted UNITWIN conference and evaluation session

We hold UNITWIN conferences and evaluation sessions using domestic and international multilateral networks. Through this, we integrate the international agenda for education Official Development Assistance (ODA), discover business models that directly contribute to the long-term development of developing countries and the UN SDGs, such as disseminating best practices and establishing business development plans.