UNITWIN is the abbreviation for the University Twinning and Networking Program.
The Program was established in 1992 following the relevant decision of UNESCO’s General Conference taken at its 26th session.

UNESCO UNITWIN programs promotes international cooperation and networking between universities. It helps reinforce higher education institutions worldwide, bridge the knowledge gap, mobilize university expertise and collaborate around the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

The UNITWIN progrmas supports the establishment of UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks in key priority areas related to UNESCO’s fields of competence –education, natural and social sciences, culture and communication. So far UNESCO Chair and UNITWIN Network projects have proven useful in establishing new teaching progrmass, generating new ideas through research and reflection, and facilitating the enrichment of existing university progrmass while respecting cultural diversity.

Today, the network comprises more than 830 UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN cooperation progrmass in over 110 UNESCO Member States.