About HGU

Handong global University (HGU) is a world-changing global university, educating honest and competent international leaders.
We prepare international leaders through total education by combining moral and academic training geared towards today’s global and information era. Our goal is to educate honest global leaders to serve communities, nations, and the world through their professionalism and ethics.

HGU has uniquely contributed to the advancement of undergraduate education by creatively using global human resources for a holistic education that develops both character and knowledge. In addition, HGU has been drawing attention with its innovative educational curriculum that advances the 21st century’s requirement of learning and problem-solving in a globalized era.

Competency is strengthened not with knowledge-delivery education styles or teaching by rote memorization but with practical education that guides students in solving problems. HGU helps students build their competencies through project-based courses and nurtures well-balanced talents that play an important role in the world. I extend my warmest gratitude to you for your interest and support for HGU.

Since its founding, HGU has been actively involved in various international initiatives and foreign exchange student programs in order to create a more globalized educational environment. In addition, HGU has demonstrated a sincere effort at international development in developing world through various volunteer service projects. In light of such efforts, HGU was designated to be the Korean host of UNESCO –UNITWIN in 2007.

To strengthen educational capacity building for sustainable development, UNESCO links universities through the University Twinning and Networking Programs, known as UNITWIN. Thus far, UNITWIN Network projects have proven useful in establishing new teaching programs, generating new ideas through research and reflection, and facilitating the enrichment of existing university programs while respecting cultural diversity.

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